Delivered Duty Paid shipping

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Delivered Duty Paid,means that the seller will deliver the goods to the destination specified by the buyer after the import customs clearance procedures at the specified destination. The seller must bear all risks and costs of transporting the goods to the named destination, including any “taxes” due at the destination.

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We have our own warehouses in Los Angeles, Oakland and New York, and other ports also have cooperative warehouses, which can provide storage, labeling and distribution services, and can shipping to America/Canada Amazon FBA warehouse/Walmart warehouse / homedepot warehouse or business Addresses


What we can do?

• Pick up the cargo in china
• loading freight to container
• Handling export customs declaration
• Booking with the shipping company

• America/Canada Import Customs Clearance
• Extraction container
• Delivery to your destination

Other Services

We have our own warehouse in both Cananda , US and China,and can provide storage, labeling and other services



Can it be delivered directly to the address I specified?

Services are available throughout the United States and Canada, contact us for a quote effie.jiang@1000logistics.com and copy to zoe.wu@1000logistics.com.

How to deliver to me?

We will make an appointment with you in advance and deliver on the date you request

Can you provide storage services?

Yes,We can provide warehousing, labeling, one piece dispatch service, etc.

What are the delivery methods?

Truck delivery and courier delivery can be arranged depending on your type of delivery address,you can also contact us if you have a request for a delivery method.

The price will be affected by the Quotes from shipping companies, you can choose which shipping company to use, the price and time will be different.
If you have any quetion,you contact Contact us for effie.jiang@1000logistics.com and copy to zoe.wu@1000logistics.com ,or click on the online service to Inquiry customer service.

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