How to shipping the goods from China to my destination?

We can operate the whole process from factory pickup to FBA/WFS delivery, factory pickup - loading - export customs declaration - departure - import customs clearance - arrival - pickup - delivery to FBA/WFS, according to the volume of goods and destination type, there are two ways of tailing express/carding.

How to shipping a mattress from China to the U.S./Canada?

We have 5 years mattress shipping experience,If you place order from china ,we have shipping solution,you can contact us for effie.jiang@1000logistics.com.

Can you ship oversized and overweight cargo?

Yes, we have years of experience in shipping oversized and overweight cargo, such as refrigerators, mattresses, wine cabinets, forklifts, etc. For other special categories, please click online service on the right to consult customer service.

Can the goods be temporarily stored in the warehouse until the notice of delivery? Is there a charge?

You can hold your goods in our warehouse, there will be 7 days free stacking period, within 7 days notice of shipment free warehouse rent.

Can the warehouse label and change the label? Can I change the place of receipt temporarily?

We can provide value-added services such as labeling and label changing, and you can change the place of receipt before picking up the container at the destination port.

How long does it take for the goods to be delivered?

The fastest delivery time is 11 working days after sailing. For details, please check the service-product introduction, or click on the right side of online service to consult customer service.

What about the Listing abnormal/lost/broken goods on the shelf?

We will buy the whole insurance, FBA insurance Listing, if there are shelf anomalies / loss / damage, one month after delivery to Amazon feedback to our company, non-Amazon address within 48 hours after delivery feedback can be.

Are there any other hidden expenses?

The price quoted in the service module is all-inclusive, except for customs inspection, there will be no other hidden expenses.

How to know the progress of cargo transportation?

Our APP and webpage will update the logistics track in real time, you can check the progress of cargo transportation at any time by logging in, the whole process is open and transparent.

What are the restrictions of FBA pallets?

Conventional pallet single pallet length, width and height not more than 40*48*72inch, single pallet weight not more than 1000lbs.

How many pallets can be loaded in one cart?

53 feet large car can load 26-28 conventional pallets, 26 feet small car 13-14 conventional pallets, non-conventional pallets, such as overweight/oversize, you can click on the right online service consulting customer service.

How many pallets are expected for 1 full container?

According to the size of the box, there will be a big difference, generally 30-50 pallets, you can click on the right online service, provide the outer box size and the number of boxes, the customer help you estimate the number of pallets.

What information do I need to provide for import customs clearance?

For general cargo, you can provide the packlist and invoice; for medical devices, sterilization instruments, children's toys and other special categories, you can provide the relevant certificates, which are usually provided by Chinese sellers.

How do I pay?

Online payment: For customer, you can pay the O/F by visa or PayPal,you can also wire the payment to our bank account directly.