Delivered Duty Unpaid shipping

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Delivered Duty Unpaid, means that the seller puts the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the designated destination, without import formalities and without unloading the goods from the means of transport for delivery, that is, to complete the delivery. The seller shall bear all the risks and costs of transporting the goods to the named destination, the buyer must bear the “taxes” ,also bear the costs and risks arising from its failure to clear the import of goods in time.

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What we can do?

• Pick-up of cargo in China
• Arrange for container loading
• Working with export customs declaration
• Reserving with the shipping provider

• Canadian and American import customs clearance
• Get the container at the final port
• Delivery to the specified location

What you need to do?

Provide your packinglist and invoice

Other Services


We have our own customs clearance team, years of experience in customs clearance and good customs credit,Customs clearance, warehousing and distribution services are available in America/Canada,and in accordance with the conditions of the deal, settle the charges with you and the seller separately.


Can it be delivered directly to the address I specified?

Services are available throughout the United States and Canada,contact us for a quote effie.jiang@1000logistics.com.

How to schedule a delivery time?

With the recipient, we will set a delivery date and carry out the delivery on that day.

Can you send mattresses from China to USA/Canada?

Yes,We have transported forklifts, mattresses, dehumidifiers and other bulky items from China to North America.

What documents do I have to provide?

Invoice and packing list are required for customs clearance,Special products like toys for babies and medical equipment need to provide relevant certificates.

The cost of the sea shipping fee will have an impact on the price, different shipping firms are available to you; their prices and turnaround times will vary.
If there any quetion,you contact Contact us for effie.jiang@1000logistics.com or click on the right side of online service to consult customer service.

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