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FOB, the seller completes delivery when the goods cross the ship’s rail at the port of shipment within the specified contractual period and the buyer is notified immediately thereafter. This means that the buyer must assume all risks of loss or damage of the goods from that point onwards. In addition, the seller must carry out the procedures related to the export of the goods.

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We have contracts with major shipping lines ,such as COSCO、OOCL、MSK、ONE、YML、EMC、MATSON、ZIM、CULINE etc., so we can provide full container or LCL solutions from china to America/ Canada FBA warehouse/ Walmart warehouse/ homedepot warehouse/ business Addresses, and settle the costs with you and the seller separately according to the terms of trade

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What we can do?

• Pick up the goods from China
• Container loading
• China Export Customs Clearance
• Book space from the shipping company

• US/Canada import Customs Clearance
• Pick up the container at the destination port
• Delivery to the place of receipt

What you need to do?

Provide your packinglist and invoice

Other Services

We have our own warehouse in both America and Cananda and China ,and can provide labeling, storage and other services



Can you pick up the goods from my supply factory?

Yes, from pickup in China to delivery to destination, full services, Separate settlement with you and the seller according to trade terms.

Can you send a refrigerator from China to USA/Canada?

Yes, We have transported wine cabinets, refrigerators, mattresses and other bulky items from China to North America

What documents should I provide?

Just give us the invoice and packing list,special items like baby toys, medical devices, etcpresent the necessary certification.

How do I know where the goods have arrived?

The logistics track will be continuously updated by our APP and webside. you can view the progress at any time

The price will be affected by the cost of sea shipping fee, You can choose different shipping companies, the time and price will be different
If there any quetion,you contact Contact us for effie.jiang@1000logistics.com or click on the right side of online service to consult customer service.

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