Full container load from China to other warehouse or business address

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Loading in the factory – Exporting from China – Ship Transportation – import to USA – pickup by QH warehouse – direct delivery to destination, We can do the whole process, you provide the packinglist & invoice.

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The time limit from departure to delivery is as follows (may vary in case of vessel delay, customs inspection, port congestion etc.)

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• Matson:about 14 days
• ZIM:west of America : about 20 days , east of America : about 35 days
• The other ship(COSCO/EMC/WHL/CULINE/MSC etc):west of USA : about 30 days , east of USA : about 45 days


FCL from China to Los Angeles local warehouse or business address


FCL from China to Oakland local warehouse or business address


FCL from China to New York local warehouse or business address


FCL from China to other warehouse of amazon










you can contact us for effie.jiang@1000logistics. com


1、About Insurance

We will purchase full process insurance.
If the goods arrive damaged or less, Please let us know the loss of goods within 48 hours

2、About the price

The price dose not include the customs inspection fees and customs duties and waiting time charges.


Can you pick up the goods from the factory in China?

Yes,full service from pick-up in China to delivery to the recipient's warehouse.

How to make an appointment for delivery?

We will schedule a delivery date with the recipient and deliver on that day.

Can you send oversized and overweight cargo?

Yes,we can shipping the Goods over specification like mattresses, refrigerators, wine cabinets, forklifts, etc.

What information do I have to provide?

You just provide the packinglist and invoice ,special items like medical devices, baby toys, etc. Relevant certificates are required.

How can I find out how the cargo is doing?

The system and APP will update the logistics track in real time.,you can always view.

If you have any question ,you can contact us for effie.jiang@1000logistics.com

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