U.S. and U.K. launch ‘most intensive airstrikes’ to date! Houthis Announce Escalation of Attacks on U.S.-British Merchant Ships

The United States and Britain launched intensive airstrikes on Houthi-controlled areas in Yemen from the night of the 24th to the early hours of the 25th. The head office reporters heard at least four loud explosions and could feel the vibrations of the blasts inside Sana’a city center. In addition, the reporters said that the sound of fighter jets flying over Sanaa was constantly heard


U.S. officials said that U.S. and British fighter jets launched strikes against some 18 Houthi targets, including missiles, launchers, rockets, drones, and unmanned surface and underwater vehicles, at various locations in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen on the same day

After the outbreak of a new round of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in October last year, Yemeni Houthis used drones and missiles to attack targets in Red Sea waters on a number of occasions. Since January 12 this year, the United States and the United Kingdom have repeatedly launched airstrikes against Houthi targets, resulting in deaths and injuries.

Post time: Feb-26-2024