Amazon and Port Updates

1、Inspection Status:
Inspections across the United States continue to rise, particularly for issues related to value, CPSC, and FDA. Inspection stations are currently at full capacity, resulting in an approximate 1-week delay in inspection times.
2、Container Pickup and Return:
Currently, container pickup and return times average around 4 days. Terminal operations for container return are proceeding as usual.
3、Direct-to-Amazon Appointments:
High rejection rates are observed at LGB4, ONT9, and SNA4. Warehouses including SMF3, LAS1, SBD1, SCK4, and IND9 are experiencing severe overcrowding, with appointment schedules booked over a month in advance. Wait times for unloading containers at CLT2, TEB3, FTW5, and LFT1 are exceeding 24 hours.
4、Pallet Deliveries to Amazon:
Overall, appointments for pallet deliveries are delayed by 1-3 weeks, with an average wait time of 5-10 hours.

Post time: Oct-27-2023