Breaking News: LA/LB Port Strike!

Los Angeles terminals due to labor problems, starting this afternoon, the skilled workers (steady labor) to drive the crane decided not to work, dock workers on a general strike, resulting in problems with lifting containers and unloading ships
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Generally every terminal will hire steady labor, so that the efficiency is high. If you go to find casuall labor efficiency is greatly reduced, so the pier decided to close the gate. Tomorrow is not expected to open, Saturday open or not is still a problem, this weekend is Easter, next Monday the pier is open again, it must be very congested. All the sea container reservations for this afternoon and evening are cancelled.

Involving APM, TTI, LBCT, ITS, SSA and other terminals, basically all terminals closed, can not be container loading and unloading; recovery time has not been determined, there is further information, we will be the first time to notify. We apologize for the unchanged situation and hope to understand.

Post time: Apr-07-2023