What’s the meaning“Container is currently in a closed area”?

1.What happens when the container enters the closed area?

U.S. West port, often heard that the container into the terminal closed area, have to wait a few days to pick up the container.

In fact, the closed area is the terminal in the loading and unloading time of the operation area, taking into account the safety and efficiency of the work, this part of the area as a closed area. When the operation is completed, it will be open to pick up the container business.


This access to the closed area and the container ship load related, and unloading volume related. There are a lot of containers, then the operating time will be longer, maybe not necessarily unloading a ship. So the length of time is not easy to define. Some times fast, some times slow. For example, some ship’s department cabinets as long as 3-5 days to open the closed area, there are also some ship’s department cabinets first class is 10 days in the closed area, can not pick up the container.


2.Why is it that Matson Express rarely hears about container going into closed areas?

The small and medium-sized container ships used by Matson Express have a relatively small loading capacity. Usually between 2800-3600 TEU, the unloading speed is fast, and a ship is unloaded in half a day. Especially for Matson Express’s CLX vessels, there are exclusive terminals for unloading faster. In some cases, they are unloaded on the same day and can be picked up on the next day. The 24-hour no-appointment pickup system is adopted, and sufficient stands are available. So it will not feel the time to enter the closed area.

And other shipping company are at other public terminals. Container ships are larger and usually take a few days to unload. And extra-large containers will take a week to unload. Or the container yard in the public terminal will be relatively large, an area not necessarily put only one ship’s container, may put several ships’ containers. Then the operating time will be longer

If you are unlucky, this area is just starting to pile up, and it will take more than 10 days until the pile is full, then the container may have to wait for 10 days in the closed area before it can be picked up. If the luck is good, this area stacked containers almost full, then may be 2-3 days to open the pick-up business。

Post time: Feb-24-2023