7500TEU container ship hit by 100,000-ton tanker!Vessel schedule delayed, several shipping companies share cabin

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Recently, a large container ship "GSL GRANIA" and the tanker "ZEPHYR I" collided in the waters between Malacca City and Singapore in the Strait of Malacca.

It is reported that at that time, the container ship and the tanker were both sailing eastward, and then the tanker hit the stern of the container ship. After the accident, both vessels were severely damaged.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) reported that the 45 crew members on board the two ships were unharmed and that no oil spill occurred.

The struck container vessel GSL GRANIA, IMO 9285653, chartered to Maersk and owned by Global Ship Lease. Capacity is 7455 TEU, built in 2004, under Liberian flag.

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The vessel may involve a number of well-known shipping companies with common cabins: MAERSK, MSC, ZIM, GOLD STAR LINE, HAMBURG SÜD, MCC, SEAGO, SEALAND.

VesselsValue appraised the container vessel, chartered by Maersk, at $86 million and the tanker at $22 million. Next, both vessels will probably go to Singapore shipyard for repair.

Post time: Sep-29-2022