A 14-stage typhoon is coming! Shanghai and Ningbo major terminals are closed again

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This year's 12th typhoon "Meihua" has moved into the southern East China Sea in the early hours of today (September 13), and at 5:00 this morning the intensity strengthened to a strong typhoon level.

Typhoon "Meihua" is expected to land tomorrow afternoon to night in Zhejiang Wenling to Zhoushan around the coast, the landing strength of typhoon level or strong typhoon level.

China's Central Weather Bureau continued to issue an orange typhoon warning at 10:00 on September 13.

At present, Shanghai Port Group, Ningbo Daxie Merchants Terminal, Meishan Terminal, Yongzhou Terminal, Beilun Second and Third Container Terminal have issued a notice to suspend the operation of the container into the lift.

Here to remind, the recent arrangements for the shipment of customers to prepare in advance, pay attention to the typhoon movements and the port information dynamic, reasonable shipping arrangements!

Post time: Sep-13-2022