Container Ship Runs Aground in Europe

Around 1500 UTC on September 10th, the container ship “VERA D” en route from Rotterdam Port to Reykjavik Port ran aground near Akurey Island as it approached its destination. Subsequently, the vessel’s schedule may face delays.


Following the incident, the “VERA D” did not proceed directly to Reykjavik Port but took a wide detour, finally safely berthing at around 17:30 on the same day.

Later, the Coast Guard identified a thin oil film outside the harbor, suspecting the “VERA D” might be the source of the leak. The shipping company has neither confirmed nor refuted this suspicion, and the integrity of the vessel awaits inspection by divers.

The “VERA D” container ship, built in 2004, has a capacity of 1,719 TEU and flies the Portuguese flag. It is currently managed by the shipping company Eimskip

Post time: Sep-12-2023