Freight rates have plummeted! China-US West freight rates have broken $2000!

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Since September, the SCFI index has fallen week by week, and the four ocean lines have all plummeted, among which the Western line and the European line have fallen below the $3000 level, and the goods volume in Asia has all declined.

Industry analysts pointed out that global inflation, monetary tightening, leading to the international transport demand freeze, freight prices revised down is expected, but the decline is larger than the market expectations.

In order to stabilize freight rates, shipping companies are now taking two ways to save themselves. They have adopted the "three reduction policy" of greatly reducing the number of ships, reducing the capacity and slowing down. There are already large shipping alliances pumping ships by themselves, and the number of ships on the US-Spain line has been reduced from one per week to one every two weeks. The implementation of the internal "red letter management", would rather cut prices to grab goods, not to lose money to carry goods as the bottom line, so as to maintain market share and customer relations.

Post time: Oct-22-2022