Goods hold by CPSC? Do you know what CPSC is?

1.What is the meaning of”CPSC hold”?

CPSC(Consumer Product Safety Committee),Its responsibility is to protect the interests of American consumers by establishing mandatory standards or bans on consumer products, and by inspecting potentially hazardous products to reduce injuries and hazards in consumer products and to maintain personal and family safety


The CPSC has a very broad scope of regulation, monitoring over 15,000 consumer products, mainly children’s products, household appliances, other consumer products used in the home, school, recreation and school

The most important of these are children’s products, whether toys, clothing or everyday items are strictly regulated, and the items inspected include: flame retardancy, detachability, and assessment of existing or potential hazards to children to prevent them from being harmed

In March 2021, the CPSC joined the U.S. customs agency, imported goods even if they pass the declaration, if the CPSC does not release them, they can not be sold, but can only be backlogged in the warehouse

The main contents of CPSC:

1.Establish uniform mandatory national standards throughout the United States

2.Further regulation of toys containing lead

3.Tracking lable on toys

4.Converting voluntary standard ASTM F963 into a mandatory standard

5.Mandatory third-party testing of certain children’s products

6.Implemented controls on six phthalates in toys



2.What is the basis of CPSC implementation?

CPSC implementation is based on the CPSIA, CPSIA is a regulation, which stipulates the standard of product quality。

3.What is CPC certification?

Children’s Product Certificate, CPC is a certificate issued by a third-party laboratory authorized by the CPSC after testing the product in accordance with regulations and based on the test data

Applicable to all products for which children aged 12 and under are the main target users, such as toys, cradles, children’s clothing, etc

Supplied by the manufacturer if produced locally in the United States, or by the importer if produced in another country

In other words, cross-border sellers, as “importers”, want to sell products made in Chinese factories to the United States, they need to provide CPC certificates to Amazon as a retailer

The CPC certificate covers the following main contents:

1、The product identification information covered by this certificate

2、Each of the CPSC Children’s Product Safety Regulations referenced in this certified product

3、Certified U.S. importer or manufacturer company information is required

4、Contact information for test data maintenance personnel

5、Product production date and production address

6、Dates and addresses for compliance testing of consumer product safety regulations

7、CPSC-accredited third-party laboratory for compliance testing required for certification



If the above conditions are not met, if the inspection of the goods for sampling and inspection, the customs will determine that the goods are not qualified and lead to the detention of goods

In addition, Amazon U.S. CPC certification is mandatory for children’s products, if not CPC certification is not available on the platform to sell products

4.CPC certification test what items?

1.Physical tests (sharp edges, protrusions, nail fastening, etc.)
3.Toxicity (harmful substances)


Zero inspection rate in the market does not exist, to reduce the inspection rate Be sure to provide customs clearance information that matches the actual cargo, and comply with the sea Don’t take any chances!

Post time: Mar-03-2023