Important Notice: Increased US Customs Inspections and Recommendations for Smooth Operations

Dear Customer,
Starting from May this year, the inspection rate of US Customs has noticeably increased. The scope of inspection has expanded from verifying the consistency of invoices to encompass counterfeiting, infringement, underreporting, trade authenticity, and scrutiny. Counterfeiting and infringement are undoubtedly illegal, but for cross-border e-commerce goods, especially less-than-container-load (LCL) shipments, more emphasis is placed on checking the declared value, trade authenticity, and certification integrity.
According to our understanding, inspections in August have not shown signs of slowing down; in fact, there’s a rising trend. Recent media reports have also highlighted extensive inspections faced by several publicly listed companies in the US. We advise all our valued customers to pay special attention to the compliance of their products. For those who have been operating in a gray area or have been directly clearing customs, we urge caution and recommend ensuring that your goods adhere to US customs standards.
In general, after entering the inspection process, clearance usually takes 5-7 working days. We guarantee that the contents of our containers are compliant and safe; no irregular or illegal products are present. The time taken for inspection clearance can indicate whether the container’s contents are legitimate.
Considering that inspections may cause delays, we advise our customers to readjust their sales inventory on platforms. If this factor hasn’t been considered, it might impact your sales links. When planning for inventory stocking, we suggest allocating an extra 10 days or so to the estimated delivery cycle to prevent stockouts.
Best Regards

Post time: Aug-21-2023