Rules for FBA warehousing and truck delivery are causing a major shake-up in the logistics industry.

1The continuous implementation of stringent rules by the U.S. Customs, coupled with the frequent fluctuations in the Amazon FBA warehousing and truck delivery market, have left many businesses in a difficult situation.

Starting from May 1st, Amazon is implementing new regulations for FBA warehousing appointments. As a result, end-point appointments and deliveries have been disrupted, leading to ongoing congestion in warehouses such as LAX9, with six warehouses experiencing excessive inventory levels. Multiple warehouses now require appointments to be scheduled 2-3 weeks in advance. Due to the inability to enter the warehouse on time, several freight forwarding companies have announced the cancellation of time-sensitive delivery compensations.

According to Amazon’s new policy, the same shipment cannot be split into multiple shipments, and appointment hopping is no longer allowed. Violations of these regulations may impact the carrier’s appointment account, while sellers may receive warnings or, in severe cases, have their FBA shipping privileges revoked. Many sellers are becoming cautious and avoiding smaller freight forwarders due to their limited appointment capabilities and potential involvement in questionable practices.


Recently, the Amazon Carrier Central has issued new policies with several requirements. The new rules include the following:

1.Changes to PO (Purchase Order) information cannot be made within 24 hours of the scheduled warehouse appointment.
2.Changes or cancellations of appointments must be made at least 72 hours in advance; otherwise, it will be considered a defect.
3.The attendance defect rate is recommended to be below 5% and should not exceed 10%.
4.The PO accuracy rate is recommended to be above 95% and should not fall below 85%.

These policies have been in effect for all carriers since May 1st.

Post time: May-16-2023