Serious Collision Incident Involving Container Ship – 2 Crew Members Missing

On Thursday (August 24th), a container ship named “CONTSHIP UNO,” serving the TS Lines’ Japan JTK route, collided with the Japanese freighter “IZUMI MARU” while en route from Osaka to Keelung, Taiwan, China.

The collision caused the freighter to capsize, with 3 out of 5 crew members being rescued while 2 remain missing.

Following the incident, the CONTSHIP UNO vessel has been hovering near the accident site, presumably engaged in rescue operations. Consequently, there might be delays in the subsequent schedule of the CONTSHIP UNO vessel.


The container ship CONTSHIP UNO, constructed in 2007 with a capacity of 1118 TEUs, is registered under the Liberian flag. Currently operated by TS Lines, it is deployed on the Japan JTK2 route, which includes ports such as Hong Kong, Nansha, Shekou, and Xiamen.

Considering that the CONTSHIP UNO vessel, which experienced this collision incident, docks at multiple Chinese ports, it is important for foreign trade export companies with shipments or plans involving this ship to pay special attention to the potential impact of this collision incident

Post time: Aug-28-2023