U.S. Customs Ramps Up Inspections with a Focus on Misdeclaration, Underreporting, and Infringement

Recently, U.S. customs authorities across the country have intensified inspections of imported goods for violations. Ports such as the Port of Los Angeles, the Port of Long Beach, the Port of Chicago, and others have seen a continuous increase in inspection rates, with a particular focus on misdeclaration, underreporting, and infringement.


Notably, several inspection facilities at ports including Seattle, Houston, and Miami are experiencing capacity constraints, leading to increasingly severe delays caused by inspections.

Earlier this month, on September 7th, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) issued a warning, stating that due to the discovery of a significant number of discrepancies between declared import documentation and actual goods, customs authorities will be rigorously scrutinizing shipments to prevent misreporting and underreporting.

If goods do not match their pre-declared descriptions, the CBP reserves the right to detain and subject shipments to additional scrutiny and inspection. In case of non-compliance with detailed description requirements, first-time offenders may face fines of $5,000, with subsequent violations incurring fines of $10,000 per incident.

Post time: Sep-19-2023