What certifications are required for U.S. import customs clearance?

1.FDA Certification:
FDA stands for the Food and Drug Administration, which is responsible for the regulation of food, drugs, medical devices, biologics, pet food, and drugs in the United States. This includes cosmetics, radiating products, combination products, and other electronic and medical products related to human health and safety.

Class 1: Declaration is sufficient (e.g., cups)
Class 2: Manufacturer certification required for one-way products (e.g., massagers)
Class 3: Both importers and exporters require certification for two-way products (e.g., medical and therapeutic devices)


2.CPC Certification:
CPC stands for Children’s Product Certification, which applies to products primarily intended for children aged 12 and below, such as toys, cribs, children’s clothing, etc. If manufactured in the United States, the responsibility lies with the manufacturer to provide the certification. If produced in other countries, the responsibility lies with the importer.


3.EPA Certification:
EPA stands for the Environmental Protection Agency, which issues certifications for products that meet EPA requirements. Products under EPA regulation include disinfection equipment, high-frequency sound devices for bird or insect repelling, emissions of hazardous substances, and products with radiation.


4.UL Certification:
UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories Inc., a professional testing organization that evaluates specific hazards of products, mainly focusing on small electrical appliances


Post time: Jul-17-2023